Neighbors keep sports alive through story

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) — At the corner of Winterset and Shadowood in the Timber Cove subdivision in Starkville, lives two neighbors, Ken Hood and Carol Read. They not only live across from each other, but own season tickets next to each other at Dudy Noble.

“We were also in the same Sunday school class,” Hood said, chuckling.

We got together to talk about how there aren’t any sports anymore, but the conversation took a turn. The memories started to come out. Read has been a season ticket holder since 1976. Her fondest memory was the 85 baseball team that featured future major leaguers like Will Clark, Rafael Palmeiro and Jeff Brantley. Read was a foster parent for the team. After playing their weekend series, the boys would come knocking on the door.

“Sunday night they would come to the house,” Read said. “We would do chicken on the spit and they would all eat half a chicken except for Will, he’d eat a whole chicken.”

Hood remembers the exact moment he became a bulldog for life.

“I was 11 years old, in 1964,” Hood said. “That was my first experience on campus to see a live Mississippi State sporting event when I was 11, and I fell in love with the place that day, I never will forget it.”

Even after the mic was turned off and I was packing up my gear, these two old friends kept reminiscing. I just stood there and smiled as Read and Hood traded remember whens. Because that’s true beauty of sports. The friendships. The memories. And that’s something no postponements or cancellations can take away.