Local gym owner Elev8s his client experience during outbreak

SHANNON, Miss. (WTVA) — Ele8 Fitnees in Tupelo is own by Adam Holt. He relies on personal workouts and group classes to make a living and put food on the table for his family. When his studio got closed down, he moved from his workouts from his beautiful studio in Tupelo, to his home in Shannon.

“A lot of people work out to get in shape to stay in shape,” Holt said. “But a lot of people work out for the emotional aspect of it.”

Holt has 5 years worth of loyal clients that he wanted to keep healthy both mentally and physically. He turned to the zoom app, which was a bit of a transition. But he told his clients about it and last Monday at 5 am. He launched.

“Feedback has been awesome so far,” Holt said.  “We’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got.”

Holt says the key is keeping people in their routine in these stressful times. The zoom app has enabled him to do that. Give his clients, like Tupelo high schooler Braxton Warren, a little bit of normalcy during the chaos.

“I’ve really enjoyed every afternoon. Just coming to workout and keeping the routine,” Warren said. “It also helps with the accountability part setting aside time to do it.”

The coronavirus has forced a lot of people out of their comfort zones. Like Holt having to take his workouts from his comfy studio to the zoom app. But sometimes leaving the comfort zone reaps some pretty nice rewards.

“I started picking up clients from the Memphis area, I’ve had one from Wisconsin,” Holt said. “People are really comfortable in their homes, so maybe it’s introducing some people to fitness that wouldn’t normally bust up in a 24 hour gym.”

The coronavirus could have been the worst thing to happen to holt’s business. Instead, it may be the best.

“I’m expecting, I’m hoping that this is half of my business once I get back into the studio,” Holt said.

If you’re interested in getting after it, the first group class with Holt is free. Hop over to his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/ELEV8FitnessTupelo/