Former Bulldog playing in Italy talks about experience

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — Timmy Bowers graduated from Mississippi State in 2004. After his time in Starkville, he spent one year in the D-League, the NBA’s minor league at the time. After that, he left the states to play basketball in Europe and that’s where he’s been for the last 16 years. He’s gotten to travel all over the continent during his playing days, but most recently, he’s been playing in Italy. Two months ago, everything was normal, then everything changed.

“People that have been to prison, this is like being in prison,” Bowers said.

It’s been four weeks since the Italian Prime Minister put the country in lockdown. With the exception of the occasional grocery store trip, Bowers has been stuck in his apartment. Originally from Gulfport, Bowers splits his time between Italy and Houston. When the virus hit Italy, he had a difficult choice to make.

“The thing that I didn’t want to do was go through the airport pick up something and bring it back to my family,” Bowers said. “I’ve got two kids so I was trying to think moreso for others than myself.”

Bowers has had to witness the country that he’s called his second home for nearly a decade fall into chaos. He’s in Bologna. He has former teammates, and friends who were playing in northern Italy, where the virus hit the worst.

“One of my american teammates, was in a part of Italy that was probably one of the first red zones,” Bowers said. “They had military all around, people couldn’t leave the city, people couldn’t go into the city. He said a lot of people were dying there, a lot of people have contracted the virus there and so they were just sitting tight.”

To make matters a big more difficult. This season was supposed to be his last.

“For it to end the way it’s going to end, is just like, it’s wild,” Bowers said. “But its been a great, great journey, man, great experience.”

Bowers said that during his time in isolation, in addition to trying to keep in shape, he’s working on a couple of books. He said his first one will be an instructional for kids, the second one will be about his journey playing close to two decades of professional basketball abroad. These last few months should make for an interesting chapter in what has been a great run for the former Bulldog.