Opportunity Lost: No sports means no scouting for some seniors

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — For many seniors, this spring was the last opportunity to not only represent their hometowns and schools, but their last chance to play that sport with a team, period. For a select few, no spring sports means the dream of continuing their careers may have fallen out of reach.

“This year I felt like I was where I needed to be,” Houston senior shortstop Eli Hancock said.

Hancock played through an injury his junior year. He’s was being recruited by Northeast Mississippi Community College, but he needed his senior year to prove to the coaches he was healthy.

“They was coming, but unfortunately the season got cut short,” Hancock said. “Baseball has always been my dream, ever since I was little kid and I’m just hoping I get that opportunity.”

Baseball and softball aren’t the only sports affected, Tupelo senior JT Spearman’s only sport was tennis. He sat behind a stacked senior class his junior year. This year was his turn to chase a championship for the Golden Wave.

“It’s hard to have that opportunity taken away and not be able to finish what you started,” Spearman said.

He also had aspirations to play in college, and was in talks with the coach at ICC prior to the season being canceled.

“He texted me and said I’d love to see you at your matches, but that’s not going to happen now,” Spearman said.

So now it’s onto Ole Miss for JT. He says he’ll consider playing club tennis there, but for now, it’s distance learning, fishing, and playing tennis with his dad, Stacy. 

I told JT that if he defies the odds and makes the Ole Miss team, everyone loves a redemption story. 

Eli Hancock now is turning his hopes to summer ball. He did say that him and his buddies get out on the baseball field as much as they can to stay sharp as he tries to keep the dream alive.