Stuck in Limbo: ICC softball player looks for place to play in 2021

BATESVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) — When the NCAA canceled spring sports, they had a decision to make: do they provide seniors with an extra year of eligibility? The answer to that question was yes. But just like any major decision, the ripple effect started. No one knows this better than Batesville native and ICC sophomore Chloe Morgan.

“I’m kinda in a slump, you know?” Morgan said.

Out of high school, Morgan went to Mississippi State for softball, when things didn’t work out, she transferred to ICC. 

“That team gave me a lot of confidence back,” she said.

The plan was to play for the Indians her sophomore season then transfer. However, with the NCAA allowing seniors an extra year of eligibility as well as the incoming freshman classes, it left very little room for junior transfers like Morgan.

“Our softball year just basically started,” Morgan said. “I didn’t have any colleges watching me play or exposures or anything like because we’re looking for somewhere else to go play and now like we can’t.”

Even before the season started, Morgan had several schools which were knocking at her door. All of them had their rosters fill up leaving her in limbo for where she’ll play next season. Morgan says ICC coach Andy Kirk has been on the phone nonstop for her, but a lot of this is unfamiliar territory, even for the coaches.

“Coach Kirk was just like they all don’t know who’s coming back, their roster, how much money they’re going to have,” Morgan said. “He said, honestly, all the athletics right now, all of them, they don’t know what’s going on.”

But what she knows, she doesn’t want this to be the end of her career.

“I just want to go somewhere where I can play ball that feels like home and I can get my academics and scholarship,” Morgan said.

Coach Kirk did tell Morgan that she would have a home at ICC next season if it came to that, but she would have to change her major and retake all of her classes to retain eligibility. She said she’d be open to doing that, but they’re focusing on finding a four-year college for her to play ball.