Thrashed Dreams: Two Thrasher seniors’ journeys cut short

BOONEVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) — A little north of downtown Booneville is the small school of Thrasher. When I pulled up, I immediately noticed their softball field. Even with sports canceled, the field was pristine. A group of parents privately fundraised to make the field happen. Prior to that, softball played on the baseball field. Didn’t have a field of their own. The Rebels have come a long way and for two senior standouts, this was their year to complete their journey of taking Thrasher softball to new heights.

“Playing softball at Thrasher, we all just kinda started from nothing,” Senior Montgomery Tittle said.

Montgomery Tittle and Albanie Windham are the first two players since the turn of the millenium to receive scholarships to play softball at the next level. They’re both going to Northeast next season, but they’re having a tough time letting go of this one. Montgomery’s senior poster remains up at the field.

“I haven’t got enough courage to take it down yet,” Tittle said. “Just because when i take it down, it’s really over.”

For Windham, she’s been playing softball since she was three years old.

“You get to play something, every day and you get to grow,” Windham said. “You always have something to achieve, you can always make yourself better and have fun.”

An aspect of her playing time which made playing softball even more fun for Albanie was that she got to play it with her younger sister, Allie. This could have been allie’s last time getting to play with big sis.

“It’s just a big bummer, because I’ve always looked forward to this season because i knew it was going to be our last one together,” Thrasher junior Allie Windham said. “I was trying to do something really special this season so we could really remember it.”

Even though the season never happened, Tittle is focusing on what she has, not what she lost.

“I’ve been very grateful to have so many memories we have together on this field,” Tittle said. “It’s sad that it got cut short but you know, gotta move on with it.”