Landlords in downtown Aberdeen waive rent for small business owners

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WTVA) – If you look around downtown Aberdeen you will see many closed signs. 

With rent coming up in a few days, a few business owners were worried about how they would pay.

That’s when Ann Tackett, the manager of Aberdeen Main Street Management, and a friend came up the idea to waive rent for the month of May for tenants.

They called around to other downtown building owners and the owners agreed to waive rent for tenants.

As of Monday, 19 business owners in downtown Aberdeen do not have to pay rent on May 1. 

“We certainly want people to succeed and survive. We are not a town with big industries. These are just hometown people. We want to keep them, and we want people to stay here and keep their businesses alive,” said Tackett. 

Tackett said due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, Main Street Management is watching the situation to see if they will waive rent for the month of June.