Solid Waste Director: More people at home, more trash to collect

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – Solid waste workers say they are seeing an increase in the amount of trash they pick up due to coronavirus.

At the Lee County Solid Waste Management, workers are working hard to make sure trash is picked up in neighborhoods in the county.

The reason for the increase is simple. Terry McGlaun, the director of Lee County Solid Waste, said more people are staying home.

In his 11 years working for the county, he said he’s never seen workers pick up this much trash. 

He is asking residents to make sure they put their trash in a garbage bag. He said that will help keep workers safe. He also implemented more protocols to help keep workers safe, such as sanitizing work trucks every morning. 

Workers are also working longer days to make sure they keep up with the demand.

“We’ve seen a large increase in residential garbage,” he said. “What we can normally run our routes in eight or nine hours; now it’s taking us 10 or 11 hours. So we’ve seen a large increase in it.”

McGlaun said over five days, workers usually pick up trash at about 16,000 homes. He said he expects the amount of trash to go back to normal once people start going back to work.